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Dance of the Heart

The mind-body connection fascinates me and I love to dance. My favourite form is English Country Dance. Last night an astute first-time English Country dancer said to me that for people who did not get what they needed as young children, country dance gives them what they need. I thought he must be a psychologist, but he said he just likes to think. He does think -- with his heart. I found dance in my 40s but wish I had known about the vibrant Toronto dance community earlier in my life. I am happy for every person who finds their way to this form of exercise and social experience.

English Country Dance (and other dances like Contra, Scottish and Irish Country Dance, and Square Dancing) gives dancers a structure, with paths to follow and conventions of interacting. For those who are insecure it gives a safe, clear way of being with others. Your feet follow a pattern, you hold hands with others, and if you look up you catch the gaze of other dancers greeting you and offering to guide you through the dance. It is hard to keep a smile off your face while dancing.

The new dancer I met last night had also quickly learned something else: country dance is a metaphor for life. The beauty of these pattern dances, when it all works and the the group moves together to the music, in cooperation and in harmony -- what a thrill! When it falls apart, we laugh and forgive each other and ourselves. What could be more fun and uplifting? Not to mention the beautiful music!

I have often reflected that there is something feminine and nurturing about English Country Dance. A dancing friend once said that English Country Dance seems to attract the broken hearted. The new dancer I met last night did not seem broken hearted but he thought with his heart. He said he liked dancing with me because I helped him through the dance. I would like to think of our dancing as a metaphor for how I help people in the dance of life in my therapy practice.

Social dancing does the heart good in every way. If your heart is yearning and your feet are starting to twitch reading this, I encourage you to check out one of the many social dance communities in Toronto. My conversation last night took place at a weekly English Country Dance group that I enjoy. If you were to drop in there, you would be warmly welcomed.

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