Online Jungian Analysis and Psychotherapy

BRENDA BUNTING, Jungian Analyst

Registered Psychotherapist, Ontario #1007

Individual psychoanalysis, psychotherapy, and art therapy.

Walking with you on your journey home to your self.

“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.”
C.G. Jung

Research shows that the quality of the relationship with the therapist is most important to success in psychotherapy. The next most important ingredient is the motivation and ability of the person engaged in therapy to change. So it is important that you choose a therapist with whom you feel comfortable and that you feel an affinity for their approach.

While I believe that relationship experiences, particularly in our earliest years, lay down the patterns of our ways of being, I work in the here and now of the therapeutic relationship. It has been my experience that if I provide a safe, supportive environment the healing power of my client's psyche will guide the process and determine what we need to attend to. I will follow your lead about what is most important to you and respect your perspective.

Being a Jungian Analyst means that I think that the unconscious contains memories and the emotions that we hide from, but also the sparks of our potential awareness and capacities as human beings. The unconscious speaks to us in symbols and images, and these can be accessed through attending to your dreams, to your imaginative life, your body feelings, the movies and books that speak to you, or the situations in life in which you repeatedly find yourself being pulled off your centre.

You and I can work together by talking, attending to your dreams, listening to your body sensations, or using art to access what is going on within you at a deeper level to help you to move forward in your personal process. 

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