Online Jungian Analysis and Psychotherapy

BRENDA BUNTING, Jungian Analyst

Registered Psychotherapist, Ontario #1007

Individual psychoanalysis, psychotherapy, and art therapy.

Walking with you on your journey home to your self.



If you are struggling through a dark period or feeling down, you are not alone. Most of us feel depressed at some time in our lives. But if your feelings are prolonged and interfering with your life, therapy can be helpful. We will discuss practical strategies to help you feel better. We might explore negative thinking that limits you. If you feel you need to take medication, I respect and support what optimizes your mental health.

Depression is often associated with losses and disappointments, so it may be important to discuss your relationships, and your hopes, dreams, and fears. Psychologically, depressive symptoms are psyche's way of saying that all is not right with us, something is blocking our process of becoming who we are meant to be. Perhaps something needs to change in your life? Perhaps you need to recover your ability to play, or reclaim a passion in life?

Together we will help you find hope, the meaning in your symptoms, and renewed energy for living.

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