Online Jungian Analysis and Psychotherapy

BRENDA BUNTING, Jungian Analyst

Registered Psychotherapist, Ontario #1007

Individual psychoanalysis, psychotherapy, and art therapy.

Walking with you on your journey home to your self.


Find out more about me as a psychotherapist to help you decide if I am a good fit for you.


Along with our joys and successes in life, we also face those difficult times when we struggle, feel confused, or are stuck. This is part of life, but you do not need to go through it alone. Exploring your situation and your dreams with a psychoanalyst can help you to get moving on your path again.

My name is Brenda Bunting and I offer Jungian Analysis and psychotherapy for people who are self reflective and motivated to work out how to move forward in their lives. My many years in community mental health, my depth of life experience, and my rigorous training will allow me to help you to clarify and understand what is challenging you, and I will work collaboratively with you to effectively manage or resolve your situation. 

For those so inclined, I believe that establishing a dialogue with psyche through dreams and imagination can make us more fully who we are and more vital. You can read more about me and my approach to therapy by exploring the right navigation menu.

My intention is to help you work toward feelings of peace, renewed energy and confidence, and to deepen your relationship to your self and to those you love. My approach is compassionate, embodied, and imaginative. I am kind and attentive, and will gently, but honestly, offer my perspective to help you see possibilities for yourself.

I can assist you with issues such as

I am currently working online on a secure platform. My special interests are creativity, end of life, and liminal states of consciousness.

You can set up a complimentary 15-minute telephone or video consultation to get a feel for whether Jungian Analysis or psychotherapy with me is right for you. Book a specific time to receive a call from me on the Book an Appointment page.